Everything You Need to Know About High Waisted Biker Shorts

If you have been a biker for a while or if you regularly use indoor bikes for working out, then you probably understand the importance of wearing the right outfit. Contrary to what some people think, wearing biker shorts for womenis not just for fashion but also for function. Sure, you will look good in these cute and colorful biker shorts. But more importantly, you will also feel comfortable moving in them.

Protect yoursensitive regions

Biking is fun. But what makes it less thrilling is the pain from repetitive contact of your inner thighs against the bicycle seat. What's worse is that the friction often causes redness, blisters, and burning sensation in the inner thighs, making it harder to move and pedal. High-waisted biker shorts are made from stretch and comfy fabric that prevents your thighs from rubbing against each other and avoid chafing. They will keep you covered during your workout.

Designed for movement

Why buy biker shorts when you can just wear regular shorts? Because biker shorts are specifically designed to fit and support your body when you're in a cycling position. Unlike regular workout shorts, biker shorts won't slip down or ride up while you are pedaling.

Provide extra coverage

Some shorts can sometimes feel revealing. High-waisted biker shorts are perfect for women because they are long enough to cover your thighs. And because they are high-waisted, they can also prevent your bottom from accidentally peeking out when you’re crouching or leaning forward.

Ride better

Biker shorts are close-fitting, which helps you take advantage of aerodynamics. Because they fit well and move with your every pedal, you can do a full range of motion in them—unlike those conventional shorts that restrict your movement. Some biker shorts for women compress your lower body mildly, increasing blood flow to your legs and aiding in muscular function so you have a more sustained power while riding.